The Fate of the Four? Concerned Summoner here. I haven't exactly had the luxury of being able to totally enjoy the hype of the whole Jhin event for the past couple weeks now since I've been worried about the fates of the four champions shot in the teasers. They were definitely hype and functioned well as teasers, keeping me interested and involved thoroughly these last couple weeks. Originally, the teasers seemed to be representative of his abiltiies, especially with how the orders were reversed and increased in intensity during the Mind of the Virtuoso teaser. Now that his kit is revealed, it's entirely something we didn't expect and not related to the teasers whatsoever. It's looking more like the champions were selected to reflect entirely on Jhin with no real consequence on them, with Jhin primarily wanting to "cure" these afflicted champions. Now I ask, that Jhin has been revealed and nothing pertaining to those champions has been released since January 1 (excluding MotV, as the champions didn't really appear in the teaser), **what is the status of the supposedly "shot" champions? **Are there any lore implications here? Were they just simply to provide some sort of backbone for the entire Jhin event? Are they actually dead? I seriously hope that four champions aren't going to be killed off or _Gangplanked _ just to introduce one. They deserve better than that. My nerves are tense. I know that Riot's going to come in the next week or so and talk about Jhin and his creation, but I assume if any permanent damage was done to Sona, Garen, Vi, or Zed, we would have been told that today. What do you all think is the case here? Would love to hear from a Rioter on this!
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