@Jaerden: What is Lore team's opinion on Ahri?

When Tahm Kench's VO was made available, I began reading through it, and found his quote to ahri worrying. In ahri's lore, she is a fox who accidentally absorbs the essence of a dying mage, becoming mostly human in shape and gaining a small amount of human reasoning. She then used this to seduce and kill people to steal their essences and become more human. However, as she becomes more human, she gains a human conscience, and seeks out the IoW to find a way to become human without killing others. However, her VO goes against this, seeming to be her before she gains a conscience. This is fine, as the VO is in game and not necessarily cannon, but Tahm Kench's line to her seems to support that the lore team is looking at her VO, not her actual lore, or worse, changing her lore to match the VO. While Tahm Kench's taunts tend to be just personal and generally untrue, I just want to check what Lore team's current opinion is of Ahri. I would hate to see my favorite character's personality changed to being a bland seductress.
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