Demigods vs. Lissandra

#####**_~~Intro~~_**[] Hey people, long time no talk! I have switched servers and that is done now so I am back to posting whenever some good stories come out. Decided to make this thread because I find it very interesting that there seems to be 0 demi- gods Lissandra is somewhat friendly with (not a good look if you ask me). I understand that some characters I will talk about still need a lore update and due to that these will only be speculations. Special thanks to **Sharjo** and **Pricops** for helping me out with this thread! ####**_~~Discussion~~_** Starting off with some general thoughts. Lissandra along with her sisters tried to seize power where it was possible and that was about 8k years ago. We do not quite know if she succeeded but if we go with the saying "lose something precious to gain something priceless" then she sure did. I think Lissandra never disliked the demi-gods tho her opinion changed after she was blinded no doubt. Many demi-gods probably felt her wrath by being exterminated to the point of no return tho some still live despite her best effort and those include Volibear. I will move on to discuss and mention some gods in more detail. **Volibear** Looking at the greatest enemy Lissandra has, or at least the most hated. Ever since the day Volibear took her sight away she has hated him and that hate grew more because not even her magic was able to restore her sight. I believe that this is the very starting point of her hate and desire to exterminate all demi-gods. They seem to be in her way and I am sure that many actions she is taking today are influenced by that incident. If we look further we can see that Lissandra is trying to keep the abominations of The Volibear at bay hence the treaty between the frostguard and the ursine was made to stop them from consuming innocent people and turning them into abominations. * What were the conditions of the treaty? I do not see why the ursine would just leave the main land without anythign in return... Now they are back tho with Sejuani. * How well does Volibear remember Lissandra?[] **Ornn** I feel like Liss was never actively trying to remove him from history and worship.. I mean she did but it does not feel as if she had an aggressive stance against him even tho he had the power to melt one of her most powerful weapons, True Ice. I wonder why that did not make her go after him in a more passionate way. Looking back at their history she did ask for his help in making the bridge spanning across the abyss and she paid him with a very peculiar piece of metal. I think that she was never fond of him and Ornn disliked her because she was a mage so their interaction seemed very off. Eventually Ornn's disappearance played well into her cards as Volibear did the job for her by destroying Ornn's physical form. * State of the hearthborn? **Anivia** This bird seems to function somewhat differently than other gods. She is always reborn at the end of her cycle no matter what so I wonder how Lissandra uses that time. We can still assume that Liss is trying not to get rid of Anivia but rather to corrupt her for her own use. I wonder how that would work and what special power anivia has that Lissandra would want to use and corrupt. It may have something to do with True Ice. Judging my Anivia's quote she is probably most aware of Lissandra next to Volibear. * If Anvia knows about the darknes at the frostguard why doesn't she just intervene or explore? * Does she have any connections to the Yeti's or Trolls? **Iron Boar/Tusklord** We do not know much about him but I think Lissandra may. All we know is from Trynda's lore where his tribe worshipped him so we can definitely conclude that he seems to be nearly forgotten especially since Trynda's tribe is gone. It is safe to say that Liss also viewed him as a spirit that needs to be eradicated. Just to mention we also saw Udyr taking his form in "Silence for the Damned". **The Clever Lynx** Again as with all gods I doubt she has a good relationship with them cuz for all we know Lissandra herself killed every "good" relationship (not smart but ok..). What is intrguing to me here is rather the Lynx's view of the frostguard and perhaps Lissandra. * Thoughts on Lissandra? I feel like they would get along well if he also had a dark side. **The Seal Sister** Almost eradicated! There is one boy who knows of the stories about her but not much else. Much like other demi-god victims, the worship and memory of her has been replaced by the religion fo The Three. Only mention of her we have is in _Lost Tales of Ornn_. * Can she even be reborn or materialize at this point? **The Dreamstag(s)** Not sure if there is an actual stag demi-god but there seems to have been a race of "dreamstags" just like there were yeti's before they became extinct. Taric's lore mentions the frostguard actively trying to kill and remove all dreamstags. I wonder about the "dream" part! Lissandra operates in dreams and she can manipulate them to a certain degree. I feel like the stags also had some kind of a mental capability of doing something that was bad for lissandra thus she decided to eradicate them. >He screamed in rage as the Frostguard ran the last dreamstag off a blind cliff, and then leapt into the abyss himself in a desperate attempt to save it. ####**_~~Summary~~_** Overall we know that many demigods have been wiped from history probably by lissandra herself. Despite her best effort Volibear endured. I just wonder why Lissandra chose the path of so much resistance as she is in a very bad spot atm... Literally having an army of demi-gods disliking you is not a good thing and I am a bit worried about that. Would be awesome to know more about demig-gods and their lore :( Lastly, if you wanna discuss more of this or just chat feel free to join the LC- Discord [here]( as we do have a lore section as well as a huge community :)
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