It's time to update Blood Lord Vladimir, Riot.

I personally am quite happy with how the default skin for Vladimir looks on his splash art even if he looks horrible in-game but when it comes to his skins, it almost seems as if they've been forgotten about, and have been left in past seasons (As their art shows) Blood Lord Vladimir is one of the best skins for Vladimir as it fits him ENTIRELY with 100%, Soulstealer really doesn't, but looks a lot better and costs less. Blood Lord Vladimir is an 1820 skin, and his most expensive skin, but even on skins that are worth less than Blood Lord Vladimir, they have more animations and more unique features on them, that makes it seem like Blood Lord Vladimir isn't at the price it should be. As I've previously said, Blood Lord Vladimir looks like it's from past seasons, and is not up to date, or belong along with the other champions and skins that are in Season 8 League of Legends, for example, Dragon Master Swain, (I know with his rework he received a lot of attention) but, with all of his skins, they all have at least one unique animation (Speaking more specifically of Bilgewater Ult), whereas his Tyrant Skin, Northern Front, and Dragon Master skin, are ALL unique have COMPLETELY different animations and recall animations, but they cost less than Blood Lord Vladimir? Blood Lord Vladimir doesn't even have a recall animation, none of his animations are different besides what's on his model and his auto attack animation, which is HARDLY ANYTHING, Soulstealer Vladimir doesn't cost as much but has more than what he does (visually, animation wise, etc), the only thing good about Blood Lord Vladimir is the quotes and things he says. I have talked to multiple Vladimir players, a LOT of players who don't even play Vlad, and they all agree it looks super outdated, I'm not saying there are not players who don't enjoy how it looks right now, as I've encountered a few, but a good amount of Vladimir players dislike the skin. I will end this by restating what the main point of this is; Blood Lord Vladimir does not belong with Season 8 League of Legends Champions and Skins (Art wise ofc) and needs to be updated. Here's a few links to pictures of his model: (May need to zoom in for this one) Also, here's a video of the skin spotlight, to get a better look at it if these pictures aren't good enough. Come on Riot, show Vladimir some love. {{champion:8}} All opinions are welcome.
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