VERY important Question about Ziggs'. Whats his eye color???? MEDDLER HELP

I sent Tickets, I asked rioters on twitter but was ghosted (That's understandable tho), I would love to ask Meddler himself but I DONT KNOW HOW To CONTACT HIM I BEG OF YOU. Someone, PLEASE give me a CANON and LORE ACCURATE answer. WHAT IS Ziggs Eye Color? I need to know. The rioter that responded to me on the EUW side told me that they don't know because in no skin he doesn't wear his goggles, in all canon drawings he has goggles, i NEED TO KNOW what his eye color is. Green? Red? Blue? White? Black? Maybe they are green with a black Sclera???? Red sclera??? I NEED TO KNOW
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