Infernal Akali should be changed to Shadowfire Akali

I am all together disappointed with how the in game model looks compared to the splash art. There is quite a few things I'd like to see changed about this skin before it ever hits live. I first believe this skin should not fall into the Infernal series, but should be classified with the Shadowfire skin line... like the skin {{champion:203}} has. When I look at this: I see an array of colors similar to this: Not... this... This entire color scheme on the base is different then her actual splash art displays. I don't like how her face is blacked out first of all. it's just blocky and lazy tbh. I'd love to see the gradient red added to her skin to make it really pop! Make her horns look sorta like how wolf's mask does in Shadowfire. Her weapons should have more of a fiery affect coming off of them, sorta like the tail on wolf in Shadowfire! Change the bottoms from dirty yellow to white, make the golds a little more vibrant. Then you got a skin I'll buy!
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