My issue with Neeko's sexuality is that it pushes off other lore aspects from her quotes.

I don't particularly mind that Neeko fancies the girls, it'd probably be the same whether she prefers men or a loaf of bread, my issue with it is that most of her interactions revolve around that, and other aspects of her character are snuffed out, something that has happened a lot with recent champions, to be honest (not exactly sexuality-wise per se), where their quotes focus way too much on stuff that add very little to lore, which is a big contrast to Swain's rework, as I adored his quotes because they're dripping with lore. Champions' quotes can be a great way of storytelling, to understand more of the Champion and the world that surrounds them, but a lot of the new Champions' lines are so incredibly vapid, another example would be Zoe, a Champion who by nature is an interesting one, but all I can remember about her quotes is that she's derpy and she wants to get into Ezreal's pants, and I still don't know how Kai'Sa can still even speak in human tongue or let alone probably be the Champion with the best manners in the entire game. So, yeah, the gay frog is cute as a button, but I wish I could learn more about her beyond the lore page by seeing her in motion.
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