Can I like something that's completely subjective without being downvoted to hell?

EDIT: I'm going to try to stop replying to new comments that aren't replies, as I keep getting straw-manned. It's not that hard to read five paragraphs, people. If you did, I assure you it would assist you if you referred back to the argument you're trying to counter and relate it back to the points you made to make sure there is definite correlation. With the recent release of the new Frostblade Irelia skin, certain issues have come to a more obvious light, and I felt they should be addressed. Before you go off on me, I don't have an opinion when it comes to the changes to this skin in particular. However, I find it very upsetting that anyone who actually likes it is getting buried under a mountain of downvotes. It's a skin, and thusly people are going to have different opinions about it, just like with any other art form. And just like with any other art form, the opinion of whether you like it or not is from _you_. It's not because it's obviously of poor quality; that's just _your_ opinion. The major complaint about Frostblade seems to be that it is too much of a thematic shift from the old version. However, not everybody sees it that way. I have seen plenty of comments that have tried to get out that it's a good skin for what it is: a skin. Viewing it as an adaptation is not necessarily the wrong thing to do, but neither is viewing it as a standalone skin. That's really what I want to emphasize here: Nobody's wrong in this debate; it's all a matter of what _you_ think of the skin. That's why it really makes me shake my head when I see that there is no discussion going on here. I can understand with gameplay (it's not necessarily right in all situations, but I can understand it), but there is no excuse for the behavior I have seen recently. Art is supposed to be up to the viewer's interpretation; and whether they like it or not is up to them, and we should respect that regardless of if we agree with them or not. You are free to hate on the Frostblade Irelia skin. I have read your arguments and completely understand why you would want the changes you are demanding. However, unlike gameplay, your arguments will only work on a limited amount of people. What you see as flaws could end up being what others see as what makes the skin great. Nobody's right, and nobody's wrong. Please, share your opinions and respect those of others. If you disagree, please discuss why. That's what the Boards are for. Treat each other as equals, and resolve your issues. Or don't, that's an outcome, too. But please, stop acting like there's only one right answer here.

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