Fiora putting her hand behind her back while fencing is a major inaccuracy to fencing.

The whole stereotype that a fencer with a rapier puts their hand behind their back is a major misconception about dueling. This whole practice is a "What if" scenario if a duelist LOSES their off hand in combat. If it's a practice fight, they do that since this form of fighting was for survival. The reason people still do it, of course, is to stay true to the old art. {{champion:114}} doing this makes no sense. She SHOULD have her off hand out, ready. Yes, I know it's a minor misplacement of the hand, but it really bothers me seeing her handicap herself like this in a fight. I REALLY hate {{champion:114}} , but even I don't think she deserves this disrespect. Not to mention, only an arrogant piece of garbage would do this off the bat, Fiora clearly has honor.
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