I want to know more about Setaka

Is anyone else here lowkey interested and curious about Setaka? I just think she's neat and I'd love to learn more about her. Did the 'Queen' in her title mark her as a part of the Shuriman royal family? Would she be related to Azir then? Or was she just the 'Queen' of the Ascended Host? Aatrox's wiki page says he was her confidant... was there anything more to this relationship *wink wink*? Will we ever see any official art with her in it? If the Hierophant of Zuretta is truly her descendant did Setaka have a child before or after she ascended? (Is it even possible to have children after you've ascended?) I honestly have so many questions about her, but I'll limit myself. :'D I should clarify that this isn't some subtle push to make Setaka a champ or something, I'm happy with her as a background character from the past that shows up once in a while in lore - I just want to know more about her because I think she's an interesting character!
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