Riot, What is With These Splashes? I love the Jhin splash art, but I don't understand why Riot is determined to have their splashes different than the actual skin model. The Diana one was already explained in detail in the BM Diana thread, but with the release of the BM Jhin splash art, it is apparent there is a breakdown of communication between the skin modeling department and the splash art department at Riot. I attached a comparison picture of the Blood Moon Jhin splash vs the model. Noted are several obvious differences. 1. His shoulder cannon is on the wrong should in the splash. I honestly don't know how this could be screwed up. It is always on the right shoulder. An easy fix for this though would be mirroring the splash. 2. The armor pauldron is on the wrong shoulder as well. Can be fixed with mirroring as well. 3. He has two demon arms in the splash and only one in the model. 4. The demon arms extend all the way up the arm in the splash, but seem to stop at about the elbow in the model 5. The ult bullets are more pointed in the splash, but cylinders in the model. 6. Jhin's overall shape is more "fluffy" in the model, and much more slim in the splash. 7. The feather demon brooch in the model is nowhere to be seen in the splash, but this could be an indication that he was ulting, and the brooch disappears while ulting. 8. The horns in the model are long and curvy, while the splash's are short and has straighter edges and sharper curves. 9. In the splash, he has this sort of half kimono vest thing, but in the model it's an entirely red shirt that ends in the belt and tail of a half kimono (don't know the technical word for that article of clothing). I imagine if someone wants to look super hard, they will find lots of small discrepancies here and there. I just don't understand how the model and splash can look so different. Are they not compared after finishing to ensure continuity between them? Is Riot just rushing these splashes and skins through the creation process that they don't even assess them for quality? Don't get me wrong; I am not angry about this. I love Jhin, and I love that he is getting a new skin. The splash looks amazing, and the skin is pretty cool, but I wish they would at least look like each other. There is some real lack of communication between these two departments that is becoming more and more obvious with the release of each skin set. Diana's Blood Moon skin and splash has similar problems as mentioned in her thread. It just seems like Riot is trying to rush these skins out and make money instead of giving them the care they deserve.

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