I gotta say....Senna's lore made do a 180 for lore hype...

Including the blatant retcons of Lucian and Thresh. You're telling me that somehow, Senna got the queen's soul fused with her own when the mist first encountered her and that's why she's special. That's why she comes out looking 10% corrupted wraith. Senna couldn't just be one of the unfortunate that encountered the black mist? Jesus..... Like it was more interesting knowing lucian was just trying to save his wife. But now its "lucian was actually a side character in Senna's story this whole time." I'm sorry but that ruins it for me. I bet her quotes dont even sound like she had any kind of tragedy because she was never tormented/ tortured by thresh which brings up another problem. Thresh's whole entire original character was tossed aside. He no longer captures people and tortures them like his original lore was. He now just captures people and make them watch him kill people. Just wow. What happened to the big bad that takes you back to his lair to torment your soul? What's he collecting them for now? The part where he tortured live artifacts *and* a undyng mage is gone. Just like that. I let myself fall into Narrative's trap again.
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