I was listening to Aatrox' new VO and thought "Everyone is gonna hate it sooo much"

Guess I was right. I do love it, to be honest. He's not that too-dark-to-have-emotions edgelord I was expecting. He's actually vibrant, weirdly joyful, and eager to fight. His taunt are not basic mockery, he's actually trying to enrage his opponent to make them fight him. He has this rage, not towards everyone, but towards specific people (targonians/aspects), with an actual need for vengeance. It also expands a lot on the universe. Especially, it looks like it tries to connect things together. Targonians and Darkins seem related somehow, and Kayle apparently is tied to the Ascension. There is also the void that seems to be connected to something greater. (And guys, people have accents in real life, they can have accents in a game…)
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