Riot, you might need to consider something what I call the "Arabic Meaning"

Hello, my name is King Lego, and i am from Lebanon. And the one thing i never imagined to happen, is this game to have champions and runes (ESPECIALLY runes. I'll get to that part in the end) with the name that can have an Arabic meaning (like Fizz, and Braum), mainly in the Lebanese part. To the point, as many of you probably already know (i mean there was a post already), the new champion's name, Neeko, her name literally means "f*ck him". Not only is it just somewhat hilarious but can be an awkward situation (like playing league while family members are nearby, or friends who don't know what league is, or even random strangers). The amount of poker faces will be off the charts and i'm not sure if that will be a good memory or a badly awkward memory. So i do request you to ah....when you make a name for a champion, rune, item etc, do consider the Arabic language in your precautions. I mean if i'm not mistaken, you happen to struggle to make names that does not have a different meaning in other languages right? Well you seem to forget Arabic on this. You already made the name for Summon Aery, which literally means "summon my d1ck". I hope i get a red response on this, because even though i find this funny, its negatives might be worse than comedy.
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