"I didn't see that VU coming." or Nobody Expects the ChampUP Inquisition!

Hi. How's it going? Good. Good. Glad to hear it. Anyway, we all know the deal with certain visual updates, mainly of the larger scale variety. The {{champion:15}} 's, the {{champion:29}} 's, the {{champion:86}} 's. Also, the biggun's like {{champion:14}} . Recently you may have noticed some more "smaller scale" VU's that the ChampUP team has been doing. {{champion:58}}, {{champion:27}} and most recently {{champion:57}} . Those last two types of projects are of interest because we didn't used to do them, but recently we've dug around and noticed that we can take some older champions that have relatively healthy rigs but replace models and even tighten/add animations. That's resulted in some "MTU's" which incorporate model and texture updates. While in the past we sort of worried that we'd be unable to keep up the pace that ChampUP wanted to burn at, we noticed a lot of opportunities in areas where we can get a lot of bang for the buck in, primarilly, the model/animation/VFX department without having to scrap an entire character. SO! Onto my my questions.. Of course there's the BIG wish list. The VU's (or Gameplay & Visual Updates) that we're all frothing at the mouth to see someday. Champions like: {{champion:28}} , {{champion:44}} , {{champion:6}} , etc. But with the prospect of MTU's and other "low scope" projects (I say that in quotes because that term is relative) we have some new options. If you had to pick champions you'd like to see updated models with some possible animation/VFX/etc changes, who would it be? Who do you think is in a place that could use some model love? Who do you think has a solid design but wouldn't mind seeing a higher fidelity version of, or perhaps an updated look that incorporates some new design elements but stays true to the spirit of the champion? Who's in a good spot thematically but could use some updating to match either their faction, region, allegiances, League's evolving style, whatever? Do you think Leona could use some love? (**say yes**) Just curious to see what you think. We have some ideas, we see some opportunities, but I'd love some input. **CLARIFICATION!** This stuff has *nothing *to do with gameplay. And as always with this sorta stuff..
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