Does Swain have a special interaction with Yordles?

So today I was playing Swain and at the beginning of the game I was standing in the lane with Swains joke animation active. After some time the enemy Heimerdinger came to lane and all of a sudden Swain started talking...he said something about “glamour“ (couldn't understand the whole quote, because the volume was to low), which as far as I know is what Yordles use to hide their real apperance. So this seems to be a special quote directly tied to Yordles, but I couldn't find this interaction in Swains special interactions video or on the lol wiki and was wondering if anyone knows something about this. Edit: I managed to trigger the quote again. I play the game in german, so the original quote was "Die Wahrheit unter all dem Glanz: Nur der Krieg bringt Gewinne.", which translates to "The truth under all this glamour: Only war brings victory.". But this quote does not seem to be on the either I'm going insane or something weird is going on here {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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