Which is the best basic magic type?

https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/009/129/371/large/emilio-grasso-grand-armillary.jpg?1517299055 _Note: This poll is based on purely personal preference. I do not mean to advocate for any one of the three basic magics, but instead merely to gauge the opinions of interested voters._ As you know, the magical system in Runeterra is based on three fundamental sources of power: the material world, the spirit world, and the celestial realm. All schools of magic are derived from these three prime forces, and regardless of how specialized or refined they are (or even if they are a mix between two (or possibly all three?) of them), they are ultimately linked to and evolved from these energic fonts. While there are several sub-types of magic, my question today is rather more simple: which of the three basic magic types do you think is the best? * **ELEMENTAL MAGIC**, which deals with manipulating the first half of Runeterra, the material world, appears to be the most understandable and close to real-world sciences. It can control such things as temperature, metals, or, on the high-end, space-time. Elemental magic is seemingly the easiest to approach and the most practical, and is required when dealing with anything that has physical components or requires a tangible conduit (as can be seen with blood magic or runes). Examples of powerful elemental mages include Lissandra and Zilean. Elemental magic was and is studied in places such as Ixtal and Icathia. * **SPIRIT MAGIC**, which deals with manipulating the second half of Runeterra, the spiritual world, deals with the soul and the ethereal forces that are found in the mirror dimension of spirits. Spirits are born in the spirit world (obviously), and given form by thoughts and emotions; they feel the reverberations of the materium and readjust themselves accordingly. Since the spirit world reflects the ideas of the celestial and material, its magic is quite varied in what it can do. Examples of powerful spirit mages include Syndra and Mordekaiser. Spirit magic was and is studied in places such as the Blessed Isles and Ionia. * **CELESTIAL MAGIC**, which comes from the celestial world, is responsible for Runeterra. It is the hardest to truly understand, but evidently has the highest power ceiling when it comes to what it can do (since it holds the power of creation, and is responsible for the Ascended and the World Runes, among other things). Celestial magic is linked to Runeterra's "space", which is actually a part of the celestial realm; celestial also happens to be the most metaphysical of the three types. Examples of powerful celestial mages include Xerath and Veigar. Celestial magic was and is studied in places such as Faraj and Shurima. Of course, each of the three has its own virtues and flaws, but the limits of spellcasting ultimately only come from the limitations of the magic user's own skills and imagination. Though, if it were up to me, I would prefer to align myself with [a more incomprehensible sort of power](http://pa1.narvii.com/5790/43a0b16b2732d9a624956c273d9c63e2abf53b4e_00.gif).
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