I'd be so down for a League MMO.

You pick your region to represent. (Ionia, Zaun, piltover etc). You pick your class. (Assassin, fighter, tank, mage) Has a similar combat system to the moba. So it's diablo-esque. Your questing areas would introduce you to the nations Champions and villains, (Freijlord you do some quests for braum, ultimately picking between ashe and Lissandra. ) Reskinned barons, and vilemaws are world bosses. Elemental drakes, and red buffs/blue buffs are encounters you run into in the world, may require teams to defeat. small jungle creatures are just wildlife that appear around the worlds. You run into small battles occurring between nations, with hundreds of minions clashing into eachother at the nations borders. You and your premade, or others that happen to be nearby join your nations side, while enemy nation players are showing up to push the wave. Ultimately one nation will lose or win the battles. Skills and abilities could be reminiscent of all the abilities we have in league, so you can mix and match your kit to fit your playstyle. (Would require new balance team :P ) I want Leblanc W with Kha zix Q, Taric Stun, and Evelynn ult. They're building a world of interesting characters and cultures, they have the artists to pull it off. but MMOS are INSANELY expensive to make, especially if you don't go the cheap route (looking at you Blade and Soul) and the payoff is really reliant on the community support. The genre itself also seems to be struggling... Its just a really interesting idea of all the things they could import to make a league based mmo. And regardless of what you think of the balance team, we play this game because we enjoy the art, characters, abilities, and world they've created. No real reason for me to post this. but if you have interesting ideas of what they could include in a League MMO, post below. I'd love to theorycraft with some of you :) EDIT: Alot of people are asking about what separates a cheap mmo from a quality one. TLDR MONEY. for a full extensive list... Mmo's require an IMMENSE amount of money to make. All the stuff that makes a single player rpg, you need to make a minimum of 5 (imo) of. You need an interesting world to explore, which means -Sound -Story -Art -Combat -Creatures -Cities -Npc's -Merchants -items -Bosses -Hidden Areas -Nature Assets (trees, rocks, bushes) -Terrain (mountains waterfalls snow) And all this stuff has to be in multiple zones, or the world would be stale. So if you have 5 zones, you have to do all that stuff 5 times. and it all has to be different from eachother. THATS JUST THE ZONES. You still need Player requirements. -Clothes custimization -Armor custimization -Stats -talent tree -interesting abilities -races -Gender -Character creation (height weight nose length) -Starting zone selection After all that then you need multiplayer requirements -Reliable servers -Consistent content updates -A balance team -Player vs player battles -Player vs Player trading -Player vs Player items All of these are just the BASIC REQUIREMENTS for an mmo to even be considered. A cheap route would be cutting any of these features. Can't custimize your character? lost a thousand people immediately. All zones look the same? Lost more players. 1 race to be? Human only? Boring, next game. Servers are garbage? Next game. No interesting abilities? Is this Dota? Next game. The expensive route is what companies need to do in order to be successful in mmos today. It involves micro-systems that give MORE than the required items I listed before. It includes things like: -Morality compass (good choices make character good, bad choices make character evil) -Mounts -Pets -Ranking system for PVP -GOOD AI bots, -Voice Actors -Dialogue options with non-key characters/npcs -professions/crafting -MORE RACES, CLASSES, ZONES than the required minima. The expensive route immerses you into the game beyond the simple MMO formula, but it takes time, and money, and effort. The payoff isn't always there, but when it works, it's absolutely incredible, and we need a company to take that dive, spend the money, and the playerbase will pay them back ten fold for replacing the dated mmo's we have today. /rant
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