LoL Timeline Analyse: Why we shouldn’t trust Eduard Santangelo's Vastaya Field Journal too much

Eduard Santangelo's Vastaya Field Journal - Universe of League of Legends
Chimeras with human blood? Spiritual magic from an ancient race? In my humble inquiries I have stumbled upon far greater questions...this shall make for quite the chronicle. A best-seller, in fact."Eduard Santangelo, gentleman of Piltover, explorer of Ionia, who discovered the wondrous vastaya in the wilds of Ionia."
The world of Runeterra is big and old. And in a game with over 140 champions and so much lore content, there are bound to be some errors and inconsistencies. Shortly before Xayah and Rakan Reveal, we got a new interesting lore addition: [Eduard Santangelo's Vastaya Field Journal]( A narcissistic Piltovian explores Ionia and write down his discover and theories about the Vastayan, a chimeric race. And in that piece of content he also states a pretty clear time when this evolution should have happened. > I learned that the vastaya’s origins could be traced back long, long ago, to a hidden corner of Ionia where a group of humans fled to escape the myriad horrors of the Great Void War (a subject upon which I have written numerous tomes, all of which can be found at the better Piltovan booksellers for more-than-reasonable prices). These refugees came into contact with a tribe of intelligent, shapeshifting creatures who were greatly in tune with Ionia’s natural magicks. The pairing of these two groups produced the creatures I eventually learned to refer to as vastaya. Over time, the offspring of these pairings settled into a variety of regions and therefore adopted diverse forms, from the winged humanoids of Ionia or the sporadically-limbed sandshufflers of Shurima, to the Freljordian scaled manatee with a look of perpetual discomfort on its face. So, humans fleed from the Void War to Ionia, met with the [Vastayashai’rei]( and produce off-spring with this extinct race. This off-spring, the Vastayan, moved when to all places in Runeterra and settled down where they could live, since Vastayan need [magic to survive]( Now, the Vastayan Field Journal is not the first time this race was referred. The first time the word is used is in the Zaun Short Story “[City of Iron and Glass](”. > “Where did you learn to sing like that?” asked Kez. “My mother taught me when I was a girl,” said Mama Elodie. “She was of... an old Ionian line, though her voice was far superior to mine.” “It was a beautiful song,” said Wyn. “All the Vastaya songs are beautiful,” said Mama Elodie. “But they are also sad.” “Why are they sad?” asked Wyn. “True beauty is only beautiful because it is finite,” said Mama Elodie. “That is why some of their songs are too sad to sing now.” But there is even one mention before the Zaun Short Story about the Vastayan, not but this name but clearly by its description in [Ivern’s Long Biography]( > A mysterious new foe arose. Chimeric beings, half human, half animal, stalked the dwindling battalion, relentlessly cutting down the would-be conquerors. So, why is this Eduard’s statement problematic? [The Ivern lore ]( refers the Vastayan, however his lore happens around the time of the Rise of the Iceborn and the Frozen Watchers, which is one of the earliest events of the known historiography. > In the early days of the Freljord, Ivern was a fierce warrior with an iron will and unflinching resolve. However, he was powerless when the Iceborn rose to prominence and looked down upon Ivern and his kind as hapless mortals who dared challenge their will. He plotted with his kinsmen to overthrow their sorcerous masters. The Great Void War happened millennia later. “[Where Icathia Once Stood](” shows that the trigger event, which allowed the Void to come to Runeterra, happened at the time of Reign of Shurima. However, Shurima’s time in the sun was long after the Rise and Fall of the Frozen Watchers. So, we have to different statement which contradicts with each other. How could something like this happen? I see two options. 1. The mentioned creatures in the Ivern lore are not Vastayans, but the [Vastayashai’rei](, the ancestor of the Vastayan. This could be a possibility, however we have no information how these looked like. The only know that this extinct race were even more spiritual than the modern Vastayan and used to be shapeshifter. “Chimeric beings, half human, half animal”, however sound like a perfect description for the Vastayan, so I doubt it. 2. Eduard Santangelo is giving us wrong information. Not, ‘cause he is a liar, but simple ‘cause he doesn’t know it better. Right now, he has information from only a few sources and we don’t know how reliable these are. It isn’t that far from unlikely that some information are simple wrong. Especially, since a lot of our lore content uses the so called [unreliable narrator]( TL;DR: Like almost all piece of League Lore Content Eduard Santangelo is an unreliable narrator. His intend with the Field Journal are good, however the Ivern Bio confirms that Vastayan are an old race, which walks on Runeterra since the begin of the historiography (the Rise and Fall of the Frozen Watcher).
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