To all Volibear and Fiddlesticks Enthusiasts

The time is now. Compared to the VGUs that came before, these two champions will have their VGU documented more thoroughly as Riot will provide us all with insights into their process. This means that feedback regarding those two reworks will be a lot more valuable to them as they can directly use that information and any form of productive criticism in changing their designs for the better. What I mean to say here is that thorough, detailed, civil and most importantly, constrictive discussions on these champions will most definitely be valuable to Riot in their decision making. So, consider this a call to arms. If you love these champions and want them to truly receive the rework they deserve, NOW is the best time to create some thorough discussions on the themes, visuals and gameplay you want to see included in their updates. I hope you guys get just as good of a rework that I got for my Mordekaiser, you deserve it.

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