the lore is less and less interesting

2018 was the best year for lore: the stories were exciting, and the revelations incredible. I think especially of "twilight of the gods", "the eye in the abyss "or "where icathia once stood". and also, the updates were less frequent, but it was REAL updates and new lore. the last story of this kind was "the eye in the abyss", 6 months ago. the lore in 2019 is every 2 weeks, but I find this lore boring: the stories are not captivating, and most importantly, the updates (bandle) are disappointing, with almost no content. I like the lore of league of legends, and I would like new lore to be more important even if it is less recurrent. please riot, give us a great lore. For the moment 2019 is disappointing; So I'm waiting for a very good story and a real update (maybe with the new region) I wish good luck to riot to continue to make a brilliant lore{{sticker:galio-happy}}
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