Prestiege Blood Moon Aatrox (A Problem & Solution)

Problem So, since I can't post on the feedback boards, I'll post it here. This skin could've been great. I know the skins already out and at this point there are only 2 things that can happen, very minor insignificant changes, that won't really help (which is likely), or scrapping the prestige version altogether (which I seriously doubt). I do find it a problem that these prestige skins are coming out at the rate they are. However, if they are going to come out regardless, they should at least be worth it. The reason both {{champion:145}} and {{champion:84}} worked, was because there was change, and not just what appeared to be a rushed, more buffed Chroma, which is what {{champion:266}} got. They had model changes and a different enough splash art. This has been said over and over, and I wont dive into again here, but if you've somehow missed all the feedback so far and found yourself here people find the splash copy pasted with a gold filter, and the model has the same issue, I personally think the VFX are fine. Solution This is the blood moon right? Demons? Why not contrast that, we were so close to the either fallen angel or even just risen demon thing. Just keep going with that. There are changes that could be made to make the skins feel the same, yet different enough like they had done with the previous ones. Changes to Regular Blood Moon Aatrox Yes, one thing that should be changed, his wings, the feathers, I feel are holding it back give him more demonic looking wings to contrast the angel side of the Prestige one. Changes to the Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox Reduce the horn size on his head or remove them completely and give him a halo instead. The spike arm that has the mask above it could be changed into a gold armor gauntlet, and you could keep the mask there, give the gauntlet a cool design and break it up with maybe the brown or white that they use in the rest of the skin. Keep the white angel wings the same, since the regular Blood Moon skin would now have the demon wings. Then maybe even change up the design on waist armor or pants a little to just create a little more of a distinction. Then of course change the splash to represent these changes accordingly. I personally think if this would've been the case the skin would've been received better. Let me know what you guys think. ReptileMike{{champion:3}}
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