You gotta take away Morde's armor now too

I mean if an angel of justice who's main schtick was that she would be invulnerable from harm got hers replaced by a latex thin leotard and still be fully protected then surely Mordekaiser doesn't need all that armor to be dead warlord. Replace it maybe some strangely revealing leather straps maybe? Or keep the helmet and boots, he is the Iron Revenant after all, but his chest armor should really have a cool downward spike that totally wouldn't impale him should he lean forward. This is all jokes but god the Kayle redesign could of worked so easily if during her six wing form her armor would come off and be like her new look, Keeping the armor look that fans loved and that set her apart from most of the female cast, while also doing.......whatever they're doing with the skintight bodysuit look. Also the helmet looks dumb with the rest of her outfit.
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