Defending Jhin

So Jhin has finally been revealed to us and so far it seems a lot of people are disappointed with him, saying that he's got no real artistic element to his kit or look, or that his kit is a generic Frankenstein abomination of other champions. I'm not here to talk about the kit, I want to defend his visuals, theme and character. I think the problem with Jhin in this respect isn't Jhin but whoever was in charge of advertising him. From what was teased at us by Rioters and Gypsy, it seems like Jhin is going to be a very unsettling psychopath kind of character, not like Jinx who's funny and looney, but like serial killer crazy. What this tells me is that there was a miscommunication between the champ creators and the advertisers on what a Virtuoso is and what Jhin sees as art. Some of you may know of a movie called 'American Beauty', I won't go into too much detail about it but there's a character in the movie that sees beauty in very strange things, he takes pictures of dead birds and a video of a trashbag tumbling and swirling in the wind is one of the things he considers the most beautiful thing ever. At the end of the movie when the main character (Played by Kevin Spacey) dies (Not a spoiler, it's the first thing you learn when the movie starts) this character that sees beauty in death walks up to Spacey who died with a smile on his face, because he was looking at a photo of his family before he got killed, and he stares at him for a few seconds and smiles and then walks away because he sees the beauty in the expression on Spacey's face at thinking about his family and what they mean to him right as he died. This is the problem with Jhin, the people that worked on those teasers either misunderstood what Jhin is supposed to be about or they thought the people that play this game aren't capable of understanding complex subjects. Instead of all of those pretty visuals with trees and glass and butterflies, they should have instead had teasers of different people dying, two lovers embracing each other on a park bench, a painter dead with a smile on his face before his greatest portrait, a man that fought against chains and had just broken free, only to be cut down. They should have emphasized that Jhin is someone that sees beauty in death, not someone that makes fireworks from the corpses of people. Think of him as being like Aatrox, Aatrox sees battles as beautiful, he calls them his masterpieces, Jhin is the same except he sees a masterpiece in the death of someone.
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