Narrative, This is Truly Disheartening

It's been months without meaningful dialogue. It's been years without meaningful lore. It's been too quiet, and the community's growing schism is your own fault. Look at the front page. The passion is ebbing from this board, and the growth at which it is doing so is exponential. Your continuous silence, has created two things. It has created a divide in the community where many refuse to believe or trust you anymore. These are the people that desperately don't want to see their favorite champion next on the rework list, because they're convinced you will remove everything that made them unique. Then, there is the group of the bated-breath faithful, who are slowly suffocating in your poignant absence, and silence. Resentment and guarded hope, that's what your community is devolving into, and where are you to revitalize it? Locked in board room meetings 16 hours a day, with neither content to present nor time to offer to your lore-faithful? I think not. Here's what my humble opinion is: **you're afraid, because you have let this toxic resentment build up, and it is at critical mass after the retcon announcement.** Unless you perform perfectly, you are certain your performance will be crucified. You know what? That is rightfully so. Forgiving the 3 years of Narrative silence (and many are not forgiving that grievance) you have what; 8 months of little production and a multitude of silences since the retcon? You know you've done wrong to the community, and you think the only thing that will make it up to us is delivering perfect content. **YOU ARE WRONG IN THIS BELIEF.** The _first_ step in setting things straight, is to maintain your promise of continued communication, and to stop hiding behind bullshit excuses of "If I'm on the forums, I can't produce content." Sure, that may be true, but you not only gave your word (how much is it worth to you nowadays?) but your rate of production is slow enough that nobody cares if it becomes further slowed at this point. Currently, you're fighting the growing opinion that you guys simply aren't producing anything anymore. That your department is a number larger than -1 but less than 5. That you don't care, and that you don't have the budget even if you did. Mend the rift, talk to your community. Everyday you remain silent, you turn more people against you and make the expectations for your _eventual_ reveal of new lores, that much more unlikely to be well-received. With the Utmost Sincerity, A Growing-Resentful Player
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