The Current State of Bandle City & Yordle Lore

Hey Guys! I spent last night after work listening to all the Bilgewater legends, and it was a very fun ride. I truly hope there's more of those audio stories in the future. As an audio aficionada, I always find it fascinating when you have to tell a story only with sounds, voices and performance, making the listener imagine everything like old stories being told by an elder or as an experience. With that said, I made a YouTube comment where I regretted the current lack of love that Bandle City has gone with for a very long time now. As my name (and amount of Mastery points on Trist) may tell you, I'm a yordle fan. I made my own character a while ago and have always appreciated the little bits of lore we had, back in the day with The Journal of Justice and with the Trist written story a while ago, but as I read the comments replying to my original, I realized most of them were quite sad to say the least. Some people stating it didn't even exist anymore, other saying it wasn't canon, and others mocking the city, saying stuff like _"What are they gonna say? It's where Yordles come from? That's not compelling story telling"_ and it really kinda hit me how abandoned yordles and Bandle City have become in the new lore. We got that one amazing video about Noxus culture, we got some Ionia and Demacia stuff, and now Bilgewater once again like when Gangplank was reworked. And what do we get as yordle fans? A Pentakill video with a very questionable look (I don't intend to be mean but I **hated** so much the look they gave yordles in that video, not going for looks similar to either splash art or in game models) where they're mocked and treated like punching bags. Yordles are rarely featured on big videos like Worlds last year or MSI a couple weeks ago. Sometimes I've even wondered if Riot just flat out hates em, which is probably not true but I sometimes get the impression. Were we always just meant to be the laughing stock of Runeterra? Must I settle with my favorite character being beat up by Warwick in an instructional video about dodgy sites that give free RP? Most of the current yordle lore has been pieced together by fans from a couple clues left by Riot, and I don't know if that's the intention but we've been left in the dust for sure. And like I said on YouTube: If only you gave Bandle City and Yordle lore a **fraction** of the all love these other cities and cultures have received in the new lore. Bandle City event hype? :D Thanks for reading! {{champion:18}}
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