An Open Thank You Letter to Yuumi Team

I did this for Rakan after he came out because of how well he resonated with me, and it only feels right that I do the same for Yuumi. (Especially after getting Mastery 7 on her in exactly a week from her release, to the hour.) Something I have been saying since the moment Yuumi was revealed, and it has only increased since release, is: "Wow, I can't believe Riot made a champion just for me." and while this is obviously a gross exaggeration, nothing has ever felt more true and there's a couple reasons why. **Design** A cat. She's literally a cat. I know a lot of people are self proclaimed "cat people", but as someone who has grown up around almost exclusively cats, seeing the true embodiment of everything they are in a champion is so whimsical and fun to experience. Her quotes are so fitting and adorable from, "I got the zoomies!" on E to "Do you want me to bury that?" after an assist. Even, "Now I get to bat around the body!" was about the most hilarious and fun way you could have brought the personality of a cat into the setting of a game like League of Legends. My boyfriend and I often listen to her when we duo and laugh at how silly she is, it's impossible not to smile while playing her/playing with her. Her particles and animations are also just amazing, seeing her spin around an ally on W or all of the possibilities for animations on R. Just over all an adorable addition to the roster that I can't wait to see get more skins! **Gameplay** This is honestly one of the places that has blown me out of the water the most, as an already support main (particularly enchanters). From the moment I saw her I noticed she was a combination of everything I love in each of my champions but _enhanced_: Q like Rakan, W like Lulu's Pix and E dash on Rakan, E heal bonus like Soraka with a speed like Lulu W, an R like Sona with so much more potential, and one of the best passive's I've ever had the experience of learning how to best utilize. Playing her has felt like I was being prepared to play her with all of my previous supports. Even the way that she's balanced, I don't feel unfair. I've been caught in my W transit, and flying auto's on more times than I can count and that's GOOD. I love loading into a game, looking at my allies and thinking of all of the best ways that I'm going to be able to follow them wherever they go. One of the most frustrating things about all supports before this for me personally was the fact that I couldn't follow champions like Sion, Kayn, Kai'sa, Hecarim, and even sometimes Ezreal into the back line, and I'd get left behind when I know that if I'd been with them I could have helped and probably saved them. With Yuumi, I've been able to do that and it's just.. amazing. All of this, to preface the biggest thank you I could ever give in my life. Those words don't even feel like enough to convey what I feel about the gift I've been given. Whoever had a hand in this pretty little kitty, thank you thank you thank you. Hope to see you on the rift so we can bat around some bodies. :) Edit: I appreciate all the people being kind on this post! :D You guys are the best. If a Rioter happens to see this, I forgot to say: Allow us to ping Yuumi passive CD please. <3

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