As a Mordekaiser main i'm very happy yet also very hesitant, due to the new ult.

Just remember while reading this I am a die hard mordekaiser fan and have been for many of years, since about 2012 and I just want what's best for the big ol' metal man and want to see him done some justice. ( aesthetically he has been gameplay wise eeh.) My main reasons for being happy is Mordekaiser looks absolutely amazing, only gripe with the looks is the concept art ( I hope ) for his guitar in pentakill looks kinda bland. But my true issue is this, there was also the Johnathan guy that said about bringing stuff the older players liked and bringing it forward which we almost got none of that at all? We have a shield on his W and a movespeed up on his passive. and that 25% magic pen on his E is most likely cause of the people who loved rushing liandry's, sorc boots and rylai's then full magic pen, but the only issue is it seems like all his kit was kept in mind with his old ult in mind and synergised with it not his new one where he only has two damaging abilities and makes it seems like he is now meant to be built more as an AD bruiser instead of an AP mage that most of us built him as. It seems like his current ult was just kind of rushed out with little to no actual follow up damage in the rest of his kit unless he is able to deal sustained AD damage or else his cooldown's on his Q and E will have to be super short to compensate making it a bit unbalanced in teamfights and inevitably leaving him nerfed. For now this is just theory crafting and I hope im wrong ill find out tomorrow if he is on the PBE and if he is gutted or not. I wish all the best to my fellow morde mains whether it be dark times ahead for either us or our enemies on the rift.
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