The Problem with the Lore of League

There’s never a time when someone isn’t voicing their concerns or complaints with the lore here on the SA&S boards. As someone who consistently enjoys the lore updates I usually just dismiss these posts or try to argue with them, but after recent events I’ve started to formulate this half-baked theory. I’m not an expert, nor am I a good writer, but here’s what I think. The largest problem with a storytelling format like League of Legends is the fact that every character has to (theoretically) be given the same amount of focus and all characters receive the same (gradual) treatment. In comic books a lot of villains have these wild outlandish plans, and you know more or less the hero will eventually save the day (in some cases). However the villains aren’t just villains, good comic book villains serve as foils and other literary devices to the heroes. Keep in mind that when I say “villains” and “heroes” I really mean “main character” and “side characters” Batman I would say has the most infamous rogues gallery, and over time his villains and his allies have grown as well, All of the robins have seen development as solo protagonists but at the end of the day it all comes back to Batman. League of Legends can’t really have a Batman so to speak, they have to give all 130+ champions an independent voice and perspective on the world. I think that’s why the Void and Shadow Isles champions tend to be the most consistently liked when it comes to lore. You don’t really need an emotional arc or anything like that when you’re writing for Cho’Gath or Rek’Sai. In fact Rek’Sai’s color story was told from another perspective entirely besides her own. Point is the more clear cut villainous champions of LoL usually have well recieved lore because they are the forever antagonists of League of Legends, people don’t root for them because they’re sympathetic or strike a chord, they root for them because they’re fucking badass bad guys. So when you have the rest of the cast as each being a sort of morally grey protagonist with their own depth and perspective you get a lot more arguments from people when it comes time for their lore to be revisited because their lore is much more vulnerable to the tiniest change in nuance spoiling all of it for some people. So with all these bios Riot is trying to turn some of the champions who may have been at first morally complex or sympathetic into more clear-cut visages of horror or might then people tend to get very miffed. Anyway, just my little rant based on things I’ve observed.
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