@Riot Can we please get some information about Varus?

The concept of Darkin is, in my opinion, the best out of all other lore. If the Darkin breaks free from the weapon, they become powerful being of chaos ({{champion:266}}). They also wield the weapon they broke free from. If the human hosts is able to overcome the Darkin, they are granted the weapons full capabilities and immense power. They also have their human state of mind. ({{champion:141}}) But now we come to {{champion:110}} . The possibilities listed above represent Aatrox and Kayn (even though Kayn is basically both). Varus on the other hand is... well we dont really know. We know the bow is a Darkin weapon. We also know Varus got corrupted by it just like Kayn. Kayn went after the Scythe and is in this partial state of corruption. Is Varus like shadow assassin, where he has taken control of the bow and overcome his Darkin? Or is the Darkin allowing him control for now until Varus completes his goal of vengeance? (which is what Varus's Darkin emodies, just as Aatrox is war and Rhaast is death) We need answers Riot. This is too good of a lore to not have this information. At least tell us what the Darkin's name is. (Pallas?)
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