Happy birthday Syndra!

Well, did you really think I wouldn't post for such an occasion? Hah! Today is Syndra's 7th birthday! She's one of my two favourite champions in LoL, and overall one of the fictional characters I like the most. She's unique, and has so much potential. I've loved this champion ever since I saw her, a few years ago. I'm so happy that she's a champion, a part of this setting! I love everything about her, and I always will! Long live the Dark Sovereign! So I'm saying it out loud... ######**_~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYNDRA!~~_** But enough chatting, I'll leave you with this magnificent piece of art done by [Ulchete](https://twitter.com/Ulchete), an amazing artist! He's great so check him out if you can... https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/618395823054782474/622142228516831288/IMG_20190913_205049.jpg ... But wait. Why is her crown so different?! ######**_~~The reign of the Dark Sovereign is coming.~~_**
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