My Vision of the Runaterra Map [ Some Concepts ]

Before you read, this is my own creation with a bit of canon maps that have been presented after the lore revamp. so please feel free to see it. So this is my vision of runeterra(Just next it, idk what happend lol): Canon maps presented in my fan made map: Continents in runaterra: Territories/cities/countries/areas: Justification on why I put this places there and theories aswell as to why is it placed in that part of the map: Noxus, Piltover, Zaun, Bilgwater,shadow isles,freljord - i don't need to elaborate these places actually because they are already seen in the cannon map but i don't think if these are really canonically accurate maps in a way because riot likes to play with a vision of an owned entity like this is the vision of X person's map(like The Medarda Heirloom Map). but i will justify these places in my map just for the sake of this post. - Shadow Isles - the place of the shadow isles is nearly at the south east of bilgewater by the canon map (The Medarda Heirloom Map) and it has this mist going on so thats why i placed that accurately on my own map. - Bilgewater - It is in the northwest part of the shadow isles and south east of piltover/zaun so i think its nice to place it like that on my map. - Ionia - it is a continent that's why i made it larger other than the others on my map. and by the looks of it, in the cannon map it is in the northern part of bilgewater but we can only see a tiny portion of it so i made an ionian map myself. - Piltover/Zaun - self explanatory. look at he cannon map (The Medarda Heirloom Map). - Demacia - one of the maps that we don't have atm so in my vision i placed it in the western part of the map because(isolation) and in the pictures of the place(in the universe page) it has rivers so that why i placed rivers aswell. Another point is that in the canon map (The Medarda Heirloom Map), it is placed in the western side of the world of runatera. - Shurima - we all know that shurima is one hell of a big place so in my map it is huge. and in the canon lore they said that the shuriman map is in the southern part of runaterra.(in the future i will also make an elaborate map of shurima in my fan made map like the shurima capital,etc.) - Noxus - self explanatory. look at he cannon map (The Medarda Heirloom Map). - Freljord - This is tricky so i researched a bit. The reason why i put freljord in that place is because: it must be in the northern part of runatera(because ice), it is close to demacia(alot of freljord-demacian interaction in the lore), it is also close to noxus(see the video where darius walks in the lands of freljord) and in The Medarda Heirloom Map, the arrow is pointing towards northwest so we assume that it is not really west. - Mt. targon - we all know that the mountain is large and long. In the lore it is also stated that its in the southern part of runatera and besides shurima. And I also assume it is close to demacia because taric duh!(he was exiled in targon so it might be closed). - Bandle city - I will elaborate this in the future( i have theories like it is a mystical forest that has a city in the middle alongside a portal that they come trough and that no one can enter in/out in the forest except yordles and the yordles can only be seen as humans to some ordinary people like tristana is visioned as an old lady unless you are a magcal being( don't argue with me about the games because summoners are not really cannon anymore)). - Kumungu Jungles - I know this is not canon anymore( i think) but this is just my place holder name to the jungles of shurima. This is also close to the place of rengar(the savannah region of shurima)and i wish jungle champs should be retconed here like nida and zyra. - Icathia - it is somewhere in shurima and i can say that it is in the sourthern part of it. this is where the void's portal happend,void corruption, etc.. Another theory is that it is beside the jungles of shurima(ex. k6 and rengar) and mt. targon where they fight the void monsters. Another personal theory of mine that there is a place like this: this is where the dragons take place. shyvanna's hometown. as i can say this is also close to demacia because j4 and shyv. another is that demacia is close to freljord so i think this is also the place where braum fights dragons. there are also volcanoes here because we don't have a volcano yet in runatera. and imagine the dragon X skins takes place here. NOTE: Time after time, i will update this post :D so keep updated. and thanks for reading.
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