Legends of Runeterra: the first expansion!

Ok, I am really excited about the upcoming open beta for Legends of Runeterra. Finally I will be able to collect cards from Piltover and Zaun in a game! However, greedy me is not satisfied with that yet. Riot told us that they are going to release expansions for this game in the future, bringing new regions to the game to chose from as well as adding new cards to the existing decks tying them with this new region. So I want to ask: Which region do you think will they add next? What should it be focused on? And what new cards could this expansion bring to the other decks which are related to this new region? _________________ My thoughts: Shurima I think adding Shurima as the next region makes sense, it is one of the bigger regions of the game with alot of cool lore behind it. Maybe the playstyle could be focused on ancient artefacts you can equip your units with to make them stronger? For my favourite deck, Piltover/Zaun, I think this would be a good opportunity to add Camille to the deck. Ezreal would actually have been my first choice, but he already exists in the base game. Camille has some strings to Shurima as well, with the guy who augmented her coming from there and her clan found the Brackern crystals for their hextech research there. So maybe we could get some Brackern hextech crystals as artefacts to augment units on your side. Maybe go even further and give us complete hextech augmentations, adding new effects to your minions?
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