About Varus' Appearance

From a purely visual standpoint there's nothing that really screams 'darkin' about Varus. Someone who knew nothing about league likely wouldn't know he was the same species as Rhaast or Aatrox if you put them next to each other. He's very human and the Darkin are very demon/monster like, he's got a mostly purple color scheme while they have a mostly red one, etc. So I have to wonder, do you think there are any plans to give Varus a visual update and bring him more in line with the current darkin aesthetic? I know his voicelines could use an update but I feel like his appearance could too and that the aspect of his looks doesn't get talked about as much. Now personally I like his signature evil twink (or is he more of a twunk?) aesthetic and I wouldn't want to lose that, buuuuut I also wouldn't mind him looking more bestial too. I just don't know that there's a happy middle ground to keep his current looks while also making him look more like a darkin. Some horns or sharp teeth at the very least would go a long way I think, for starters.
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