I have a single problem with Zoe.

Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight - Champion Teaser
Check out an early, in-game look at League's newest mischief-maker Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight. Releasing in patch 7.23!
Her personality so far feels like it shares too much of Lulu. Now I’ll admit that at first glance I like her kit and I like the personality with it. She kicks her bubble like a soccer ball for Christ sake, that’s some high energy kid stuff that makes sense. Buuut Lulu is also a hyperactive and imaginative person. I feel there’s too much of a personality clash here. Does this mean Lulu will change in the future or will Zoe have more to her than a hyperactive kid? Is she a prophet and will get horrifying visions she doesn’t understand in the middle of the game?

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