Arclight Yorick and why this is a bad move by Riot

So as a Yorick main you know I've been looking forward to the thought of finally getting a new skin, especially considering it's been 2,274 days at the time of writing this since Yorick last had a skin, which is to say he only had his release skins (this is back when champs released with 2). Now being as it has been so long many people, myself included, believe Yorick would get at least a legendary skin when he did finally get one (some even talked of him getting the next ultimate). So you can maybe imagine my surprise to find him get an epic skin. Now let's dissect this skin we're getting, Arclight Yorick. Whereas it's not exactly poor quality or anything I do feel it's rather bland, with Yorick looking like some nondescript light Guardian that you'd expect to see in any fantasy game nowadays set in a heavenly realm. The ghouls being even worse as honestly I can't even tell what's going on with them, being glowing figures with strange gold armor shoulder things (not really sure what that's supposed to be). And being an epic tier skin means it maintains the gloomy original voice lines of base Yorick, which very much clash with this bright shiny Yorick. And if this skin looks at all familiar to you that'd be because you've probably seen this fanart from about a year ago. Now as some who's been waiting so long this kind of comes across as a bit of a slap in the face, and I'll explain why. When I heard a while back the Riot intended to make skins for the numerous champs like Yorick who'd been waiting a while I was very excited thinking they'd finally be showing the Yorick mains some love. And for any of you who main a less than popular champ you probably understand the frustration of seeing another skin for Ahri, Yi, Yasuo, etc every time a new patch roles around. So when I find that Yorick, having waited over 6 years, is finally getting a skin, only to have it be an epic tier skin based on someone else's idea, well it feels like instead of putting effort into something new and deep that Riot was just trying to get Yorick out of the way by doing something quick and easy like a generic light version. So I've gone into why I don't like this skin personally, but why is it a bad move for Riot? Well as stated above I feel it shows lack of effort to make a quality skin for Yorick, instead taking others idea, and might I add that this isn't like the recently announced Beekeeper Singed, where it had been a popular fan idea that people had been asking for for years. See they do make skins based on fan idea from time to time, like the aforementioned Singed, or Devil Teemo, or even skins based on fanart like Void Fizz or Deep Sea Nami. But this skin never gained the same amount of traction for it never really gained much traction in the community apart from people thinking it was mildly cool and being one of the rare well polished fan skins for Yorick (mainly due to Yorick's unpopularity). The only fan idea for Yorick that does meet the criteria of these other skins is the old Crazy Cat Lady skin which has been a running joke for years and is probably the only other Yorick skin we'll ever see (in 2-3 years, likely on April 1st). And this brings me to my biggest problem, not only does the new skin feel subpar but it is made all the worse by the realization that this skin is likely the last us Yorick players will ever see barring some meta shift the makes Yorick popular. The message all this send is that unless you play a popular champ that Riot doesn't care to invest the effort, that instead they'll just throw a rushed product every so often in the hopes that the community of mains, starved for skins, will buy up whatever they're given for lack of a better option. The other reason all this saddens me is the Riot has said that they've been trying to shift away from more generic skins and towards skin that had unique fantasies. Skin lines have done wonders for this, and we've seen an overall boost in content with more events usually going alongside a release to hype up and further explore the fantasies. Most recently we've gotten another helping of Star Guardians along with a new game mode and short story. Apart from the skin lines we've also seen unique legendary skins such as God Fist Lee Sin come out giving us unique takes on beloved champs. With the overall increase in quality this feels like a step back by Riot. Now after all this criticism one might wonder what would I prefer? well I made a big long post a while back about just that that you can read here , but basically to sum it up I want to see a version of Yorick that flips his personality on it's head, less of a guy with the world on his shoulders trudging through the task he never wanted and instead someone who is the master of his own destiny and has grasped power by his own hands. I want to end this post by talking about Yorick as a champion, if you haven't tried him I highly recommend you do. He has quite the enjoyable kit and really fulfills on what the juggernaut subclass should be. He's very strong in lane once you get used to him and is extremely effective at tower taking and providing pressure on the map, you can build him tanky and be a pain for your enemy to kill or if you're feeling bold build damage and proceed to smash people in the face with a shovel, I myself prefer a bit of a middle ground build, going Triforce into Titanic and then stacking health and ad to capitalize on his ghouls's scaling. However you build him he's a real blast and can easily 1v2 if you get good with him making him quite the force to be reckoned with. So I hope you all give him a try. Post splash release edit: I just want to add now that the splash art is released that it really saddens me, whereas I still think the arclight thematic was a poor choice from the start, especially with it not being legendary, I think the splash art shows the best possible interpretation of it and its a shame the in game model is so far off from the design of the splash. Second edit: This "We made minor adjustments to hair color and cape transparency to bring the model closer to icon and splash, and made adjustments to splash to bring it closer to model ;)" was said by RiotStellari on reddit recently regarding the new Fiora skin, and honestly it cuts deep after seeing the huge differences between Yorick's model and splash. Almost every skin I've seen go through PBE has recieved tweaks and touch ups before release to either address player feedback or make the model and splash align better. Yorick being the exception angers me and actually pisses me off a lot as it comes across as clear favoritism, and I say this knowing just how often people falsely cry favoritism but at this point that's the only explanation left, that Riot simply doesn't care enough about Yorick and have put as much into the subpar skin as they are willing to.
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