A personal request for when Mundo gets his VGU

No matter what changes about his kit, lore and other things, if there is ONE thing I wish to have preserved from it... It's the fact that Corporate Mundo is, for the most part, a Silly and funny skin. The skin is from a time early in League's history. It was just made (To the best of my recollection anyway) because the ideas the skin presented were completely silly; perhaps it was not a complete reversal, but still an interesting and humorous idea seeing the huge and hulking Mundo, complete with his limited vocabulary, running around as a CEO-style individual. So, when and if he gets his VGU, can we please keep Corporate Mundo silly like he is now? There are so many serious and edgy skins so we need more silly ones to balance things out. (I know fully well about the April Fools skins, but sometimes that's not enough.)
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