Things you hope to see in the upcoming Lux comic

Once the Warmother comic is done, Riot plans to have a Lux-centric one. What do you want to see in it? **My list** * Lux runs into Ezreal, he flirts with her, and gets suitably humiliated by her (though not in public). * Sylas cuts a deal with the Noxians to topple the Demacian nobility. * Upon finding out Lux is a mage, Garen tries to arrest or kill her, not caring that they're siblings. Ezreal stops him with a good "What the hell, hero?!" speech (while also shooting at Garen to slow him down). * Morgana helps out either Lux or Sylas, or both, to suit her own ends. * Lux stops Sylas by bringing Galio to stop the fighting.

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