I much preferred the Institute of War.

I feel like it kept some reigns on Riot. It helped not let the lore go off in a million different directions. Now that Riot has detached Summoner's Rift from the canon universe, it feels...empty. Most of the champions feel like they don't matter. Why the hell do Caitlyn's motives and story matter when there are champions MILLIONS of times more powerful than her? The fate of the universe is basically in the hands of a few ultra powerful champions, like Bard, Zoe, Aurelion Sol, etc. Riot has gone completely off the deep-end with this lore powercreep. These smaller champions simply don't matter in the big picture, and that kinda feels bad to me. Please do something to reconcile these HUGE differences in power. I fear it may be far too late and the lore side of League of Legends is basically toast, but I had to say something about it.
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