Let's have a talk about Enchanters and character design

Yuumi, the newest addition to the class, feels like she is just more of the same. I don't mean her in-game kit (which by the way looks AWESOME and I cannot wait to see how it plays in game) but her overall feel. For the purpose of this post I'd like to focus entirely on champion designs and aesthetics. It just feels like Riot wastes a lot of potential to fill various niches. Let's start out by looking at the enchanters. {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:117}} [Yuumi] They can pretty much be boiled down to the following-- Kind-spirited magical beings: Soraka, Janna, Nami, Taric, Sona(?) Whimsical/childish magical beings: Lulu, Yuumi They all (with the exception of Nami) have very similar bright or pastel color palettes and either childish or soft and feminine features. There are so many cool enchanter concepts that could be explored. An enchanter who treats allies like minions or grunts to do their bidding, and buffs/shields/heals them so that the may fight for them. An enchanter from Zaun who specializes in hextech augmentation and uses allied champions as lab rats for their experimental technology. An enchanter who was once a proud warrior but now seeks to amend the wrongs they've done by helping others. (may be a bit close to Ivern but ehh) An enchanter who lives only for war and gives people the tools to fight to fuel their own personal never-ending bloodlust. My point is that there are SOOOOO many other routes you can take as a designer that aren't 'magical being who is nice and likes magic and helping people' It just feels like a massive letdown from a company that has proven to be capable of some really neat and creative character concepts. Other roles feel like they get a lot of variety in the types of champions available but for enchanters it's more like 'do you want magical pastel spirit #1 or magical pastel spirit #4? maybe magical pastel cat?' Curious as to how many other people see this as a problem as well.
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