Baron Velveteen Lenare

I recently made a thread, showcasing every Chembaron we currently know about. And when I looked up everything that is known about them, I noticed a little detail. There are 4 Chembarons shown on the map of Runeterra, in the Zaun segment. From these 4 Chembarons, 3 are mentioned in the stories of champions in the game: - **Saito Takeda**: Intertwined with Zac's story, he is the chembaron who funded the research to create the biological weapon Zac, but 2 scientists freed him and hid him in the depths of Zaun. He is trying to claim back his "investment". - **Wencher Spindlow**: Mentioned in Warwick's colour story [If They Run]( Warwick has an encounter with a young lady working for this chembaron, also Warwick attacked another servant of his in the past and took their leg. - **Petrok Grime**: Mentioned in Malphite's colour story [Roots of a Poisoned Tree]( The miners in that story are trying to get some hexite for their boss, before encountering Malphite and getting told about the evil infesting the mountain. I tried to find something about the 4th Chembaron, Velveteen Lenare, in the stories, too, but couldn't find anything. Did I miss something? Or is she simply not mentioned? She is described as being involved in golem technology and that she visits Piltover fairly often. This suggests that she might become relevant in the stories of Blitzcrank or Orianna. Will she get involved in the lore more in the near future? Or is she just a side note, because the world builders just thought she looks cool?
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