Ashe: Warmother Comic Nr. 3 Feedback and Character Discussion; CONTAINS SPOILERS!

####**_~~Intro~~_** Im back with my ritualistic Ashe Comic report! Now this time I havent yet bought the Premium Version because it isnt available yet! Usually the premium Version is avaliable hours before the Universe one. I will be buying it tho because the extra material is worth it :) There are Questions at the end of this Post and If you have any please comment and I hope a Rioter/Odin joins us! Please remember, THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS #**_~~Discussion~~_** #Ashe This part of the Comic Issues is a huge turmoil for Ashe.. After the second Issue and after Ashe found her Bow, she returns to Ashes, her Village has been burned down and the tribe slaughtered! Ashe is starving at this point and the best chance of finding food are the Ursine Lands.. There is survives an attack from a terrible creature called _Grellfeen_ , I would describe it as an Ice Worm, incredibly big tho! There Ashe and Sejuani unite to kill the creature and head to the Winters Claw with some food ont heir boat. Before they could leave the Ursince noticed their INTRUSION (yes intrusion, Ill explain later). A huge Storm gathered, a sign that the Ursine are on their way and anyone in their way would be in trouble. The girls arrive to the Winters Claw, Ashe, a stranger there(or so it seems) lost and in need of their help. - Lost, confused, cheerful, tired, excited and then starved, Ashe has been through a huge emotional change, sadly thats for her own good as she needs to prepare to be a Warmother that the Freljord truly demands. #Sejuani Finally getting some big lore on our savage princess! We dont truly know what Sejuani is doing there on Ursine territory, definitely not smart. However, she seems to have hate toward her mother, she even calls her a Cow! We know from her Bio update that her Grandmother took over as Warmother when her Mother Kalkia left with Udyr.. So now Kalkia is back as Warmother and there seems to be no peace in sight for Sejuani and her. There is an underlying tension, which shows that Sejuani is truly eager to challenge her mother as Warmother as Sejuani even mentions how the food is available thanks to her strengths and NOT her mothers. She does not like the Frostpriests and she does not trust them, she even calls them poisonous and manipulative. - Sejuani is fierce and sick of her mother! Eager to seize control of her Tribe and lead them herself! #Kalkia I always thought that Kalkia was a mediocre Warmother, even form the appearance, I imagined her being more frail.. Kalkia is a huge, Grena level, muscle and size! Tho, she isnt quite a Warmother, or at least not as smart/independant as Grena was. She very much relies on the Frost Priests to tell her what to do and how to handle certain situations, they are almost telling her what to think even. They immediately seize control of the situation when Ashe arrives and again, tell Kalkia that Ashe is an intruder/stranger. Interestingly enough, she is wearing a headpiece that we can see on Sejuanis head, meaning she is yet to fight (or not) her daughter. When Kalkia loses (dies) Sejuani will pick up her Helmet and lead the Tribe. - She seems committed (suddenly) tho lost in the Priests control #Ursine A powerful race of spirit-bears, that were all probably human at some point, spirit walkers who let go and transformed into a single, powerful ursine. In the North above the Ice Sea, they dwell and hunt. They are not a part of the mainland Freljord, theyre secluded (Ahh my beloved Lissandra and her Master Plan, Im in awe). They are NOT allowed to hunt on the mainland becase there was a treaty made between the Frost Priests and the Ursine. -I loved how scary they are being presented and their threat is real and not to be ignored, especially after this event #Frost Priests We see now, more than ever that they truly are in every tribe, spreading the Faith of the Three and removing any faith that involves the old Gods (Anivia,Voli,Ornn). This is all a plan from the One and Only to strip the Gods of power and render them somewhat useless. Faith,Statues and Beliefs are the thing that gives the Demigods power, it empowers them and by removing that stone their strength fails. It seems as tho they are the only source of Healing, it seems to be exclusive to the Frostguard which gives them a great advantage and important positions. Again, there was a treaty between them and the Ursine which should keep the Ursine North and the Tribes on mainland! It seems as tho that treaty was broken as we saw from ,,Silence of the Damned" and in this very comic, because Ashe and Sejuani broke that Treaty! Now the Priests have their own agenda with the Winters Claw, to starve the tribe and probably make them dependant on the Frostguards supply.. Tho we know that once Sejuani gains Warmothership theyre out. - Happy to see even more insight into the working of the Priests and their presence in Tribes across the land #####**_~~Final Thoughts~~_** This comic I loved very much, especially the end. It gave great insight into Ashe and Sejuanis relationship and their sister-like bond! All is well between them, for now. The part where the FP appear is fantastic and seeing Kalkia made me very happy! ##**_~~Questions~~_** 1. Why did the Comicology Issue not appear on time? 2. How could the Frost Priests tell Sejuanis lies? 3. How would you describe what a Grellfeen is? Why did Ashe call it a tragedy when the killed it? 4. Has the Treaty between the Frostguard and Ursine been truly broken? Does the Frostguard know of this? 5. Is there true hate coming from Kalkia toward Sejuani?
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