Candidates - who is "C"?

**This is entirely objective, it's a list of the current candidates for the real identity of Caitlyn's arch-nemesis, C. And Caitlyn isn't included because the new lore confirms it isn't her with a split identity or something.** For those of you unaware, "C" is the alias of Caitlyn's arch-nemesis. In the old lore, C was a cat burglar who killed Caitlyn's parents. Now, C is a gang leader person associated with an important Piltover clan who is almost untraceable. When traced, he/she is almost uncatchable, and while it hasn't been completely confirmed to exist in the new lore, C apparently leaves behind a card with "C" written on it. C also has enough influence or money to hire thugs, and has been active at some point in Demacia and Noxus as well as Piltover. This really isn't an important League mystery but we still don't know who it is. Here are the main candidates: {{champion:164}}: **Camille** is by far the most suspected to be C. Her name starts with C, but it's not entirely obvious to her enemies that she's C because outside her clan, she's known as the Grey Lady. She's a resident of Piltover, has enough influence and money to hire thugs, is an important part of her clan, and Swain even confirms that she is at least associated with C. However, Camille acts for the good of Piltover, and her father was killed by thugs similar to the ones that kidnapped Caitlyn's parents - C's work? If Camille isn't C, this was almost certainly C's work, as C has some relation to the Ferros clan. {{champion:126}}: **Jayce** is another resident of Piltover. "C" means 100 in Roman numerals and Jayce was the 100th champion released. He has a C in his name and he's probably capable of hiring thugs to ransack Caitlyn's home - why? Hextech. Jayce is seemingly obsessed with Hextech and Caitlyn's family has it. So does Camille's, which is possibly why they're associates. Jayce is also a close friend of Caitlyn, but he's selfish. If he wanted to he could find a way to steal from her. On the other hand, there really isn't much to support this other than the fact that it makes sense. {{champion:4}}: **Twisted Fate** is the previous main candidate and now he's barely considered. He can teleport away and leave behind cards, sound familiar? C could be for Card Master or just misdirection (his real initials are also TF). He's also known to have had a gang and to hire thugs, and selling Caitlyn's parents sounds like something he'd do. We know that he has, at the very least, passed through Piltover, but he's not a resident and doesn't enter frequently - unless, while Graves was in prison, Twisted Fate went to Piltover to steal some stuff on a smaller scale. Possible, but like Jayce, not much to support it. {{champion:245}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:254}}'s gang leader: Ekko, Jinx and Vi are confirmed to have been part of a Zaunite gang together before Jinx went insane and Vi lost her memory. It's also known that Ekko has XII on his bat, Jinx went by X before Piltover named her, and the VI tattoo Vi has means six. Therefore it's almost confirmed that XII and X mean twelve and ten, and this is probably related to the gang. Who could have led the gang, and also has a Roman numeral name? Well, it doesn't seem far fetched to say that Ekko, Jinx and Vi weren't the only members - the thugs that broke into Caitlyn's house were probably hired members of the gang, if C means 100. This gang leader could be Camille, Twisted Fate, Jayce, or someone else entirely. As far as I can tell these are the only candidates. If there's anyone else, please add them.
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