Riot - A Reminder that Sinful Succulence Morgana and Transcended Kayle need new particles. As THE ONLY 975 RP skins in Kayle and Morgana's reworks that didn't receive any kind of particle modification, these skins are REQUIRED by your own standards to have something extra to differentiate them from the model swap skins that are priced at 520 RP and 750 RP. In Kayle and Morgana's rework, the following 975 RP skins were updated and given different particles: Exiled Morgana - Only recolors after complaints Lunar Wraith Morgana Ghost Bride Morgana Bewitching Morgana Riot Kayle Battleborn Kayle - Only recolors after complaints So why are these two skins still without particle effects that are different than the classic effects? There were numerous posts around the time of their rework bringing this to light, but nothing was ever done about it. So now it's time to remind you all that you've still left these two skins UNFINISHED. They are not worth their current RP pricing based on your standards, regardless of whether they're legacy or not. I'm even being lenient and _just_ focusing on the particle effects here, even though 975 RP skins come with unique recalls too - of which the list drops down to 4 skins who are actually fully complete, and fully fleshed out 975 RP skins. So take a step forward and at least give these two skins new particle effects, and that will at least allow people to overlook the lack of recall animations. It's the least you can do here, given that these reworks aren't even a year old yet.
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