On Darkin: Why Shurima?

With the rework of the Darkin lore, I can't help but feel betrayed as a fan of the original archetype. Absolutely nothing about the Darkin looks Shuriman. Darkin were malevolent, evil, and as far from humanity as one could get. They were their own people, a race, entirely _not human_. Turning them into 'bad ascended' I feel has drastically taken away from that fantasy. I'm no longer playing a demonic, hellbent soldier, looking to continue his duty in conquering a new world, but instead what is essentially just an angry human abusing his powers. There was an archetypical role they filled that League did not have very prominently, which was to say, demon-like characters, not just in appearance, but in character and in mission. Now that role is once again left vacant, and fans of it like me are left in the dark~~in~~. Shurima's lore already had similar characters with similar motives, what need was there to add more? The 'bad ascended' role had already been claimed by the Baccai. Adding the Darkin to this equation makes it feel very convoluted, with now _4_ different types of ascended (regular, Darkin, Baccai, and whatever the hell Xerath is), apparently separated only by personality. Not only do I feel this is a betrayal of people who enjoyed the original archetype of demonic creatures that the Darkin were, but perhaps also to fans of the Baccai, as now they almost inevitably have to be pushed aside for this bigger, seemingly badder threat that is the new Darkin. I think the cherry on top is that Riot very recently released an article talking about how they had screwed up another champion's lore, Nautilus, by taking away from a certain fantasy his players had about him. What was done to the Darkin makes me feel the same way I imagine Nautilus players felt when he was made into a Leviathan-god serving puppet. Obviously I can't speak for anyone but myself here, and hell maybe I'm completely alone in the matter, but that doesn't mean I don't feel any less let down by the Darkin's new Shuriman backstory.

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