I’m grateful for Nunu & Willump

I’ve been playing more Nunu & Willump recently and it reminded me how how happy I was when they came out as a rework. To give a backstory. My wife and I were expecting a baby boy in November. I was super excited to tell the league lore stories to him as bed time stories. Then the unfortunate happened and our son died. This happened at the same time Nunu’s new lore and rework were released. After a week of grieving I started reading the new lore and stories about Nunu’s mom telling him stories about the world of Runeterra brought back how excited I was to do the same with my son. And so from then on this champion had a special spot in my life. I know it’s silly because it’s just a game character and Riot didn’t create him for me, but when I’m running around the rift with a snowball and hear Nunu’s voice and playfulness I know that’s how my son would have been. Full of excitement, adventure and imagination. Thanks again Riot for an awesome champ and lore. Edit: I promise this was not a “woe is me” post. It was more of a even with everything that happen we can still find joy, type of post.
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