Kayle's Helm

Or rather the lack-thereof in practically all of her skins save for recolors for something so significant and important to her character kind of bothers me. **Silver/Viridian** - Recolors of base **Helmetless** - As the name would imply, literally the only change is the REMOVAL of the helmet **Battleborn** - Helmetless(also has goofy boobplate but that's a whole other discussion). **Aether Wing** - Helmetless **Riot** - riot helmet with the visor up and sunglasses, providing no frontal protection what-so-ever. **Iron Inquisitor** - While it does have what can be assumed to be a mask covering the face, said mask looks pretty much like a normal face save for the coloration, closed eyes and small trails of blood leaking out of the eyes. Could possibly not be a mask too, the jury's still out on this one. **Pentakill** - Helmetless That's 5 skins out 8 that don't have the helm, and considering Silver/Viridian are practically chromas it can be narrowed down to 5 out of 6. {{champion:10}}'s supposed to be the Order to {{champion:25}}'s chaos, and nothing is more orderly than wearing your full suit of armor like a good soldier, helm included. And let's not forget how her lore stated that she donned the helmet and avoids showing her face because she essentially had her soul crushed under the weight of war. Sure, the bio also says she is incredibly beautiful under the helm too, and that's alright, but it doesn't mean you have to rip the damned thing off every chance to make sure we know just how spectacular she looks. The helmet(and armor) helps to differentiate her silhouette and features from other champs, especially other members of the early female roster than tend to suffer a bit from "same-face", and a cool helmet just makes everything better. {{champion:82}} and {{champion:80}} know what's up, you don't see them running around to show off their faces, so why does Kayle need to in practically all of her skins? Please Riot, stop making **The Judicato**r betray _The Fellowship of the HelmetBros_! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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