A Shout Out To Lux #4 And The Lore Of Runeterra

No matter how many balance issues this game goes through - and there are a lot, and even as a mod I find I agree with the Boards more often than not as to when the game slips into "this feels bad to play" mode - the lore of Runeterra keeps me coming back. For those who overlooked it on the client home lobby, the free viewing of Lux #4 - the comic series by Marvel/Riot about Lux and Demacia - is completely amazing, and I encourage people to view it. Take a break from the game and learn more about Runeterra! I absolutely will reiterate my calls for a League movie or cartoon series. https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/comic/lux/issue-4/0/?utm_source=LeagueClient&utm_medium=OverviewTier1
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