Malphite Should Remain A Celestial

> There is a world of perfect harmony, where all are part of the whole. The Monolith is the essence of all creation, and its denizens are but singular pieces of it. It is beautiful in its symmetry, and in its almost complete lack of uncertainty. This part of Malphites' outdated bio not only establishes to be what current day League of Legends would classify as a Celestial ({{champion:136}} {{champion:432}} ){{champion:16}} But also sets him up as a direct foil to Soraka. Soraka is a celestial that saw the grace in humanities failings and decided to help us find our own destiny >Unintended and wild, the mortals were forging new and unknown futures for themselves. From the celestial realm above, it had seemed like pure chaos; but with her new perspective, and blessed by the stars to stand against the erosion of time, Soraka now beheld an almost perfect beauty. Malphite represents the other extreme. Like the majority of the celestials he can't appreciate the tangled web of fate, watching us defy the stars defies all logic to him > He raged, trapped in this new realm - Runeterra - a world that had nearly been consumed by its disharmony. Yet, it was a world that needed protectors to bring order out of chaos. It was to that end that the rock-creature found his true purpose. Looking past his own fear and apprehension, Malphite could see that Runeterra needed him. Malphite can serve a place in the lore as an entitiy that forcibly trying to course corrects humanities fate to the predetermined path, because he has no concept of the joys of free will. He thinks he is doing altruistic work, but in reality he causes more harm than good. I picture a monotone voice for him that shows him stripped of emotion (Unlike Kayle who is human but represses it). Inspirations for this interpretation are Bran Stark and other impassive agents of order

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