List of Character Alignment in New Lore

Hey guys! So I've been recently thinking about how a lot of the characters in the new lore have really interesting, diverse, and sometimes not so clear motivations. So I tried putting together a list of their _overall_ alignments (D&D style :P) however some of them are actually somewhat ambiguous so we'll be doing our best! :P Anyway lets get started. ----- Quick summary of the alignment system: Lawful Good: **The Knight** _Follows strict moral code, always fights evil._ Neutral Good : **The Hero** _Always does the right thing, even if it goes against the law/certain morals._ Chaotic Good : **The Rebel** _Fights the system to do whats right._ Lawful Neutral : **The Judge** _Believes strongly in justice, carries out certain ideals no matter what._ True Neutral : **The Outsider** _Doesn't go out of his way to harm others, but doesn't protect them either. Morally ambiguous._ Chaotic Neutral : **The Nomad** _Cares only about him/her self, ignores moral codes/the law._ Lawful Evil : **The Overlord** _Cares about power above all else, uses the law to enforce his power._ Neutral Evil : **The Villain** _Pursues evil at all costs, not for enjoyment._ Chaotic Evil : **The Psychopath** _Exists purely to destroy, revels in acts of evil._ Anyway these are pretty basic guidlines, but they are not set in stone and many characters may border different alignments. ---- {{champion:32}} : True Neutral (??) {{champion:136}} : True Neutral {{champion:268}} : Lawful Good {{champion:432}} : Lawful Neutral {{champion:63}} : Chaotic Evil {{champion:201}} : Neutral Good {{champion:69}} : Lawful Evil {{champion:131}} : Chaotic Good {{champion:245}} : Chaotic Good {{champion:114}} : Lawful Neutral {{champion:41}} : Lawful Evil {{champion:150}} : True Neutral {{champion:104}} : Chaotic Neutral {{champion:120}} : Chaotic Evil {{champion:420}} : Lawful Goodl {{champion:202}} : Chaotic Evil ** {{champion:222}} : Chaotic Evil {{champion:429}} : Lawful Good -> Lawful Neutral {{champion:30}} : Lawful Neutral {{champion:203}} : True Neutral {{champion:89}} : Lawful Neutral {{champion:236}} : Neutral Good {{champion:21}} : Chaotic Good {{champion:82}} : Neutral Evil {{champion:75}} : Lawful Good {{champion:2}} : Chaotic Neutral {{champion:80}} : Lawful Neutral {{champion:78}} : Lawful Good {{champion:421}} : True Neutral {{champion:58}} : Chaotic Good / Chaotic Evil {{champion:98}} : Lawful Neutral {{champion:14}} : Chaotic Evil {{champion:15}} : Chaotic Neutral {{champion:72}} : Neutral Good {{champion:223}} : Chaotic Evil {{champion:44}} : Lawful Good {{champion:412}} : Chaotic Evil {{champion:4}} : Chaotic Neutral {{champion:161}} : Lawful Evil {{champion:101}} : Chaotic Good / Chaotic Neutral / Neutral Evil {{champion:157}} : Neutral Good {{champion:238}} : Neutral Evil Lawful Good: 5 Neutral Good : 4 Chaotic Good : 3 Lawful Neutral : 7 True Neutral : 5 Chaotic Neutral : 4 Lawful Evil : 3 Neutral Evil : 3 Chaotic Evil : 8 ---- Looking at this I think its really telling that most champions are Lawful Neutral, it shows the direction riot is taking with the new lore. A lot of the champions fight for ideals/something bigger than themselves. Honestly this usually makes for really great stories . I think its also interesting that there are so few true neutral characters. True Neutral characters seem to not interact with the story line as often which makes sense since riot is trying to make Runnaterra more immersive and what not. ANYWAY, I'll change any of the allignments if you guys think I got them wrong. Hope you enjoyed! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} ----- EDITS {{champion:203}} : Lawful Neutral -> True Neutral (Cardinal Sinveil) {{champion:136}} : Lawful Neutral -> True Neutral (GreenLore) {{champion:80}} : Evil Neutral -> Lawful Neutral (GreenLore) {{champion:223}} : Evil Neutral -> Chaotic Evil (GreenLore) {{champion:245}} : Chaotic Neutral -> Chaotic Good (Inept Maverick, 333Lom, Greenlore) {{champion:69}} : Chaotic Neutral -> Lawful Evil (Celestial Bodied) {{champion:201}} : Lawful Good -> Neutral Good (GreenLore) {{champion:421}} : Neutral Evil -> True Neutral (GreenLore, Narasimha) {{champion:268}} : Neutral Good -> Lawful Good (GreenLore, Riot WAAARGHbobo) {{champion:420}} : Lawful Neutral -> Lawful Good (Riot WAAARGHbobo)

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